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Camping is more than just a holiday activity - it's a whole world in itself! The needs and wishes of campers are varied and specific, and the camping guide is the ideal medium for addressing them specifically. As an indispensable reference work for camping enthusiasts, camping guides from renowned European publishers offer an invaluable platform with constant presence, a broad reach and minimal wastage.

For over 50 years, IGL Werbedienst has been a leading specialist in the camping sector, offering you the best advertising opportunities in 15 European countries. Our many years of experience and expertise enable us to develop customised solutions that effectively reach your target group. Through our strategic partnerships with leading publishers such as ADAC, ANWB, DCU and TCS, we can target potential campers in your desired target country and optimise the placement of your message.

Learn more about the various print and online options from our professional staff today. We're ready to answer your enquiries and help you to find the perfect advertising solution for your camping business. Use our expertise and reach to present your brand or campsite in the best possible way and increase your bookings.

We look forward to helping you achieve your camping marketing goals!