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DCU Campingbogen

Published by DCU (Danks Camping Union)

Published by the DCU (Dansk Camping Union), the DCU Campingbogen provides all the information, campers need for an unforgettable holiday.

The DCU Campingbogen, also known as Members' Camping Guide, is a comprehensive reference book for all DCU memebrs. It contains all 23 of the DCU's own campsites as well as 100 partner sites in Denmark. In addition, the guide offers more than 600 foreign campsites, some of which also offer benefits for DCU members. This gives campers access to a large selection of camping destinations in Denmark and Europe, allowing them to tailor their camping holiday to their own preferences.

The camping brochure is available free of charge to DCU members and is also distributed at the "Ferie for Alle" trade fair in Herning, at all DCU campsites, at the DCU test and service centres and at Kosan Gascenter.

In addition, the camping platform is one of the most visible camping websites in Denmark. Here, users can not only find information about the listed campsites, but also lots of useful tips, travel reports and offers for camping holidays.





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