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Pincamp special advertising

Discover the wide range of special advertising formats on the international platform of PiNCAMP,, and and showcase your company in the best possible light! We offer your numerous opportunities to advertise your brand and your offers in a targeted manner and achieve a wide reach.

A popular option is participation in "International Campsite of the Month", where we highlight selected campsites and offer them a prominent placement on the platform. This exclusive presentation enables you to address your target group in a targeted manner and present your offer to a wide audience.

We also offer you the opportunity to place an online advertorial in the PiNCAMP online magazine, which allows you to present your brand and your offers in a personalised way. Furthermore, we offer you the option of a social media push or your own newsletter to spread your advertising messages via various channels and achieve maximum attention. PiNCAMP's social media channels and newsletters reach a large number of camping enthusiasts and offer you an effective way to publicise your brand and attract new customers.

No matter which special form of advertising you choose, we can help you maximise the impact of your budget and achieve your marketing goals. Discover the wide range of advertising options at, and and successful showcase your company!

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