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ANWB campaigns for destinations

Every year, millions of Dutch campers orientate themselves in terms of their destination based on our information, practical tips and inspiration.
Would you like to show the camper why they should select your destination? If so, then choose (one of) the possibilities offered by the ANWB.

Destination or theme page?
The choice is yours. You can choose from a variety of options to bring your destination to the attention of campers. Research shows that campers orientate themselves in their holiday search in different ways. The most common methods are by searching directly by destination or searching for a specific theme. The ANWB offers possibilities for both search options, and these can of course be matched together in the optimal manner. Start your campaign online, and if you would like to increase the reach further, then opt to expand your online campaigns through an advertisement in the Kampeer Kampioen. The combination of online and print is additionally advantageous.

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