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Alan Rogers

The British camping guide

In 2025 the 57th edition of the esteemed Alan Rogers Camping Guide will be released. This guide has long been a trusted resource for campings seeking high-quality and reliable information about the best campsites across Europe.

We invite you to present your campsite in this prestigious guide. Featuring your campsite in Alan Rogers Camping guide provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach a broad and engaged audience of camping enthusiasts.

The distribution of the guide will be extensive and strategic, ensuring maximum visibility for your campsite. It will be available at major trade fairs and exhibitions, which attract a large number of potential campers and industry professionals. Additionally, the guide will be sold through online book trade, making it easily accessible to a global audience. Selected caravan providers will also offer the guide, allowing it to reach an audience already interested in outdoor and camping activities.

Don't miss the chance to be part of the 57th edition of the Alan Rogers Camping Guide. Showcase your campsite to a dedicated audience, enhance your reach, and drive more traffic to your location through this renowned publication.

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