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Wandermagazin - magazine of pleasure hikers

As one of the foremost media outlets in the hiking sector, Wandermagazin embodies the rising trend of lifestyle hiking. With an average reader age of 49.5 years, higher income and above-average education, the magazine targets an audience for whom hiking is not just an activity but a way of life.

For these "new" hikers, hiking is more than just exploring nature - it is an entry into a trendy lifestyle that emphasizes sustainability, enjoyment and individuality. Wandermagazin reflects this approach through meticulous research, attractive design and comprehensive features that offer immediately usable tips and inspiration.

With a circulation of approximately 35,000 copies and 90,000 readers per issue, Wandermagazin is a significant voice of the German-speaking world for those who love nature and view the hiking trail as a path to a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

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