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The guiding principle of the Tour editorial team is to comprehensively inform dedicated hobby athletes. The editors reasearch current trends in training and nutrition and discover the most beautiful holiday and tour destinations for the readers. This exceptional level of expertise, identification and independence has led to an unusually close reader-magazine bond over the years.

The Tour editorial team focuses on high-quality and well-founded content tailored to the needs and interests of ambitious recreational athletes. From detailed training plans and nutrition strategies to inspiring stories about breathtaking travel destinations - Tour offers everything an active athlete's heart desires. About half of the regular buyers are subscribers, highlighting the strong bond and trust in the magazine's quality. But the magazine offers even more: the content is also available through various digital chanells, allowing readers and users to access valuable information anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to the combination of print and digital offerings, Tour reaches a wide and engaged readership that is enthusiastic about high-quality content and practical advice. Whether the printed edition or online, Tour remains the first choice for ambitious recreational athletes always looking for the latest developments and the most beautiful experiences.

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