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Focus Fit & Gesund

Being physically active is one of the most popular leisure activities. However, balanced nutrition, relaxation and body care are also crucial. Only by combining these elements can one protect agains deficiencies and stay fit and well-groomed troughout the year.

With Focus Special Fit & Gesund in the Spring and Fit & Gesund through the Winter, the editorial team aims to inspire readers to make the most of each season. These special editions offer valuable tips and suggestions for maintaining physical and mental health. From fitness routines and nutritional recommendations to relaxation techniques and body care, Focus Fit & Gesund covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Focus Fit & Gesund is published twice a year and provides an ideal platform to strategically place your messages. Whether you want to advertise products or services in health, wellness or spa sectors, the magazine reaches an interested and affluent audience that values quality and credibility.

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