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FOCUS captivates its readers with topics revolving around the most beautiful time of the year, thereby inspiring its vacation-loving and travel-hungry audience. Travel and active leisure have always been prominent editorial components of FOCUS. With gripping stories and dreamy images, the magazine motivates its readers to enjoy life and explore the world.

Regularly, fascinating travel destinations and extraordinary experiences are presented, igniting a desire for adventure and relaxation alike. The carefully researched and appealingly prestented articles offer valuable tips and inspirations for the next journey - be it a relaxed beach vacation, an exciting city trip or a thrilling outdoor adventure.

Whether luxurious resorts, hidden gems or exciting off-the-beaten-path tours - FOCUS provides suitable ideas and recommendations for every type of traveler. Take advantage of the reach and trust of the readership to showcase your travel destination in the right light and make it an indispensable part of your target audience's travel planning.

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