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E-mountain biking is a completely new discipline, and EMTB embraces this new playground. EMTB aims to inspire and inform, answering relevant questions about complext technology and providing the most comprehensive comparison tests. The goal: the guide readers through the jungle of technical innovations and offer them comprehensive and competent advice.

EMTB is the ultimate companion for anyone who loves mountain biking or wants to discover it anew. With a clear focus on the specific demands and possibilities of this sport the magazine offers a wealth of content that appeals to both beginners and experience e-mountain bikers. The editorial team places great importance on detailed and well-founded information. The technology sections explain the latest developments and innovations in the e-mountain biking world, from the most powerful motors and efficient batteries to the most advanced control systems.

Whether in print or digital - EMTB brings the fascinating world of e-mountain biking directly to readers and accompanies them on their adventures. With a deep understanding of the needs and desires of the e-mountain biking community, EMTB remains the reliable advisor and inspiring partner for all who wish to experience the thrill and freedom of e-mountain biking.

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