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Bunte is a magazine that has become a legend in itself. As the numer one celebrity magazine in Germany for over seven decades, Bunte reflects German society and symbolizes the economic miracle of the post-war reconstruction years.

Advertising messages, especially in the travel sector, are very well received by the readers. This is due in part to the affuent target audience: Over 50% of readers have a household budget of Euro 3,000 or more. The magazine reaches an audience that is both willing and able to invest in exclusive travel experiences and high-quality products.

In addition to celebrities and lifestyle topics, Bunte also offers valuable travel information and recommendations. Readers regularly find tips on dream destinations, luxurious accommodations and unique experiences worldwide. These contents are not only informative but also inspiring, sparking a desire for the next big journey. With its rich history and continuous focus on the future, the magazine remains an indispensable source of entertainment, information and inspiration.

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