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The Leading Magazine for Mountain Bikers

Bike is Europe's leading magazine for mountain bikers and is considered essential reading for all who love this sport. Month after month, Bike reports on the latest industry innovations, conducts comprehensive tests of the most important products, profiles the stars of the scene, and showcases the sport in all its diversity - from adventure reports and travel stories to valuable tour tips.

The magazine is published twelve times a year with a circulation of over 50,000 copies, available on newsstands. The high circulation reflects the great interest and wide readership that rely on Bike's well-researched and exciting content. A special focus is placed on destinations that offer perfect conditions for mountain bikers. These regions can specifically attract mountain bikers from Germany and other parts of Europe by showcasing their best trails, accommodations, and services through the magazine. Bike serves an important intermediary between these destinations and the community of mountain biking enthusiasts.

Bike is not just a magazine, but a vibrant and engaged community dedicated to promoting and advancing the sport of mountain biking.

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