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Experience the Freedom of the Mountain in Your Own Living Room

In a world often characterized by hustle and stress, BERGWELTEN offers a welcome respite. Our magazine brings the freedom of the mountains directly into your living room and the calmping tranquility of nature into your often turbulent daily life. We provide not just breathtaking images and inspiring stories, but a glimpse into a world that many only know from afar.

The magazine's mission is to illuminate the lives of those dedicated to mountaineering. From climbers scaling dizzying heights to hikers exploring the untouched paths of the Alps, we tell their stories. These individuals have a deep connection to nature and the mountains, driving them to seek new challenges and expand their limits time and again. Their experiences and advertures are meant to inspire our readers to venture out, to see the world from a new perspective.

BERGWELTEN appeals to all who love the mountains - whether passionate climbers, leisurely hikers, or nature enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and senerity of mountain landscapes. With over 620,000 readers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, BERGWELTEN is the most widely read outdoor magazine in the German-speaking world. This impressive reach is owed to our ability to evoke the yearning for freedom and adventure, while imparting practical tips and expert knowledge on mountaineering.

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