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With 4.7 million readers, Kampioen is the largest automobile and family magazine in the Netherlands. It provides realiable and practical information on leisure, tourism, traffic and mobility - topics that appeal to a broad audience.

Each issue of Kampioen captivates its readers with exciting reports, well-founded commentary and informative background stories. The content is carefully researched and offers real value to the readers. Removable cards and booklets with practical tips complement the magazine, providing additional information in a handy format.

Kampioen is published eight times a year and offers an excellent platform to present your offers and target one of the predominant audiences effectively. Whether you want to advertise tourist services, leisure activities, or mobililty-related products, Kampioen reaches a large and diverse audience that is open to new ideas and offers.

3.782 Mio.
4.782 Mio.
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