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ALPIN is the magazine for mountain sports and action and addresses everyone who prefers to be "above things" in their spare time and on holidays: hiking, mountaineering, climbing and ski touring. Because of its detailed reports ALPIN is a collector's item.

The magazine is aimed at physically active people between 25 and 59 years old. The edition around 20,000 copies holds a high proportion of subscriptions with many regular readers.

Destinations have the option to order their own supplement as an ALPIN EXTRA in which 30 or 40 tours (depending on the volume of the issue) are described. These include text and pictures from the publisher and on-site research. Furthermore, you can promote your region on 16 pages with SUPER Panorama - consisting of a two-page spread, from which two more pages can be folded out on each the left and right side. A unique product with great emotional and benefit-oriented content is created in close collaboration with the editors.

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