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Touring Camping Special

In March / April 2025, the Touring Camping Guide will undergo a transformation into a high-quality magazine called "Touring Camping Special". A total of 30,000 copies of this new magazine will be distributed to niche camping customers in conjunction with the Touring magazine.

The Touring brand is synonymous with mobility and tourism, consistently providing its customers with valuable information and various forms of mobility and unique destinations. With its strong credibility and extensive expertise, Touring is a trusted resource for many customers when planning their holidays.

By leveraging the Touring media, you can effectively target your message to the Belgian traveling public. This provides a unique opportunity to reach a dedicated and engaged audience who rely on Touring for their travel planning needs. The "Touring Camping Special" magazine will not only enhance the visibility of your camping services but also position your brand in front of potential customers who value quality and trust the recommendations made by Touring.





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