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Pruvodce Kempy

The annual camping guide KEMPY is an indispensable reference work for camping enthusiasts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As the largest Camping guide in these countries , it offers a comprehensive overview of hundreds of campsites, not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also in the neighboring countries such as Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

Whether it's a family vacation, an outdoor adventure, or a relaxing retreat in nature, KEMPY provides camping enthusiasts with everything they need for a successful camping experience. The guide features detailed descriptions, amenities, and ratings of a wide variety of campsites, ensuring that every camper can find the perfect spot to suit their needs.

In addition to campsite listings, KEMPY includeds valuable tourist information, travel tips and recommendations for location attractions and activities. This makes it more than just a camping guide, it's a comprehensive travel companion that enhances the overall camping experience by helping travelers plan their trips down to the finest detail.





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