Kamping & Karavaning Vodnik

The number 1 of the Slovenian camping guides

Kamping & Karavaning Vodnik is a combination of "camping guide" and "guide for RV pitches". The reason: The Slovenian market is small and therefore 2 books are combined in one.

New since 2017: available in 4 languages, increased edition of total 20,000 pieces (2017: 17,500 pieces, until 2016 just 5,000 pieces)
5,000 pieces will be distributed in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia in various book stores, online book stores, camping shops, automobile clubs and 700 further poitns of sale.
15,000 pieces will be distributed as a "Adria Special Edition" to buyers of Adria or Sun Living caravan or campers and to Adria VIP clients all over Europe.





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