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PiNCAMP - your gateway to Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland

Take advantage of the camping boom: with over 2.3 million campervans in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland - and over 120,000 new registrations each year! Millions of campers now plan their holidays online.

And PiNCAMP, the camping portal of ADAC, ANWB and TCS is the number one choice!

  • Campers are inspired by PiNCAMP on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, when they share and recommend their favorite campsites
  • They also find inspiration for the many tips, tricks and insights in the PiNCAMP online magazine and newsletter
  • Campers plan and book their next camping holiday directly on PiNCAMP

Reach over 11 million German, Dutch and Swiss campers who are looking for inspiration to plan and book their camping hoildays - on, and

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