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ADAC Classification reports

Campsites, that have been visited by an ADAC inspector in the last three years (up until 2021) now have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the quality of their campsite through professional reports. These reports provide a detailed analysis of the campsite's current standards and offer practical suggestions for improvement.

By accessing these comprehensive reports, you can:

  • obtain a detailed overview of the results of your classification criteria, giving you a clear understanding of the campsite's strenghts and areas for development
  • instantly see what specific aspects need to be improved to achieve a better classification, enabling you to take targeted actions to enhance the quality of your services and facilities
  • upgrade your campsite and attract even more campers from Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland by implementing the suggested improvements and showcasing your commitment to excellence
  • Benchmark your campsite against others on broth, a regional and international level, allowing you to compare your performance and identify opportunities for growth and differentation

This avaluable feedback from ADAC inspectors provides you with the tools and insights necessary to elevate your campsite's standards, ensuring you continue to meet and exceed the expectations of your guests. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your campsite's reputation and attract a broader audience by making informed, strategic improvements.

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