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ADAC Stellplatzfuehrer

The number 1 of pitch guides

In the last decade, the number of caravan pitches in Europe has multiplied. More and more areas, be it on municipal properties, near hotels or restaurants, amusement parks, wineries or spas, are adding pitches or even RV ports. The current ADAC Stellplatzfuehrer (pitch guide) describes over 6,700 TV sites in 37 European countries - with comprehensive information on supply and disposal facilities, location and access as well as facilities and amenities (e.g. sanitation, power supply, shopping and recreational facilities).

A great help in selecting a pitch is ADAC's tripartite rating scale based on ADAC tests carried out by experienced inspectors. A unique extra is the ADAC CampCard that comes with every book and includes special prices and offers for many campsites and motor home pitches across Europe.

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