ANWB Gala evening 2020

The ANWB, the Royal Dutch Automotive Club, invited its customers and partners to the annual "ANWB Campsite of the Year Awards" to enjoy a great gala evening in an extraordinary location near Utrecht.

As the motto suggests, 6 awards were granted in three different categories - "The most enjoyable family campsite", "The best rental accommodation" and "The loviest campsite". Since 2 years the campsites have not been rated by a jury but by the Dutch camping enthusiasts itselves.

We are delighted with our German client, Camp Kyllburg, who won the award in the category "The best rental accommodation". Congratulations!!

Furthermore we would like to congratulate our customers who have been awarded the title "Certified CKE Campsite". Autocamp Njivice from Croatia, Naturcamping Buchholz, Camping am Bärenbache and Donaupark Camping Tulln from Austria!

We congratulate all award winners and wish everyone a successful start into the camping season 2020!

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