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Core competencies IGL - the 3 pillars

Tourism media agency

IGL Werbedienst is the first choice for professional and successful guest and tourism advertising. With our know-how - ever increasing since 1966 - we are your specialists for media planning in the tourism sector, because even the best information is useless if it is not interesting.

Thanks to our network in fifteen European countries we have a wealth of travel-related information and are able to incorporate country-specific trends for holiday and travel behaviour at an early stage in the advertising plan of our customers. For instance, travel patterns of the countries of origin have a great influence on whether an advertising campaign is successful or not. Political and economic trends affect travel behaviour as well.

A wealth of this data is collected by our publishing partners and merge into what is called "Travel Monitors". These monitors are a significant resource and an integral part of our media work. We are constantly in contact with our partners in order to respond to current trends and changes in travel parameters of the respective countries at an early stage.

A travelogue, an advertorial, an ad, apps, an online DisplayAd campaign, a TV commercial or a TV movie, placed in the right time in the right medium, is usually all it takes to stir the desire to explore new things.


Publishing Representatives & Top Media Partner

As the general representative for the top media of individual tourism - with a strong focus on the special-interest sector - IGL offers a variety of choices, which helps minimize wastage.
Some of our top partners are publishers like ANWB, Burda, Olympia or Delius Klasing. Our clients benefit from many advantages. Not only you do get the best price, but IGL manages time and again to offer even more special bonuses. Consult with one of our tourism media coaches and receive a media plan for your business.


Camping tourism

For many years now, IGL has been the general representative for the leading camping guides in 15 European countries. For owners of campsites this means that they can address the most important core markets through only one company, which is a real advantage. Due to its collaborations, IGL is able to provide top conditions as well as added value in the field of camping for its customers. Gain insight into Europe's various camping guides and download a media kit with all publishers here. Our camping experts look forward to assisting you personally.